Architecture complex in Gazi [2010]


Architecture complex in Gazi [2010]

[NTUA diploma project,  Angeliki Thymi architects. Professor S.Tsiraki.]


The basic facts regarding the project are first, that it is a complex, designed for the need of an architectural Research center in within  the  limits  of  the  inner  city  of  Athens.  Secondly, the  project  has  a  special  character  in  terms  of  preserving  the  special character of the area and the historical  background  of  the  laboratories  and  the  neighborhood handicrafts and arts. Moreover it holds alive the cultural identity of Gazi, and it plays  the  role  of  an urban  route against the fast and non organized commersialization.

The concept of thesis is to underline the cultural character of the area  and the  existence  of  the laboratories. The  role  of the architectural  complex is an “everyday complex of indoor and outdoor spaces” designed within the limits of  the  existent  urban void. It follows the urban route of Iakhou street, while preserving  the  movement  from “Kerameikos”  towards  Peiraos  street.

The several characteristics of the concept are:
Continuity, connectivity, cultural character, everyday-concept, public uses.